Take care of your teak outdoor furniture in rainy/winter season?

It’s been raining here in California for the past few weeks which is great we really need the rain. Customers ask us quite often what do I do with my teak outdoor furniture in the rainy season? How do I care for it?
Well Teak is very water friendly, it’s a jungle hardwood. Teak is what is used on the decks of boats for instance so you do not have to do anything to the teak in the rainy season.
If you chose to seal it with a teak sealer you will most likely see that the sealer has deterred a bit over the rainy season. It could look washed out or dull

.teak table set

Not to worry, if you want to reapply the sealer just wait till it is bone dry and reseal it with the sealer of your choice.

teak sofa set
If you see you have a few black spots here and there I recommend you first clean the furniture. Give it a good scrubbing with a soapy sponge using simple green and the scratchy side of a scotch bright blue sponge. If the black spots are still visible you can apply some laundry bleach. Let the bleach sit a few minutes then give it a scrub and rinse with water.

Some Outdoor Furniture companies also provide a complete restorations service. They usually do Onsite or Offsite teak furniture cleaning and restoration. You can also look how to restore teak furniture video online to learn more about teak care and restoration.