Glaser Teak Bench 6f


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Glaser Teak Bench 6f - Toms Outdoor Furniture
Glaser Teak Bench 6f - Toms Outdoor Furniture

The teak glaser bench is a full 6 feet long and ideal for Commercial location like shopping centers, churches sand parks. it perfect for residential use in a garden alcove, patio, deck or front yard. Our Teak bench is made from premium quality long lasting teak that will last a life time in any weather conditions.

A little maintenance will keep its new look or leave it without any maintenance and let it weather to an elegant silvery color. We also sell teak oil and teak protector separately.

This simple and elegant classic teak bench is a great addition to your home or business. Ships as flat knockdown with some assembly required.

Available in 4 feet and 5 feet size too.

Glaser Teak Bench: 75"W x 25"D x 40"H
Seat Dimensions: 68"W x 20"W x 17"H

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