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All of our Teak furniture is constructed of Grade "A", kiln dried plantation grown teak wood. The teak used at TOM'S is Indonesian teak, ranked among the finest in the world. It is harvested from the highly reputable Perum Perhutani Plantations, which is the government agency responsible for managing its extensive forests and plantations.

High Quality Outdoor and Patio Furniture


Our Teak furniture comes exclusively from the government regulated plantation resources in Central of Java, Indonesia.


Our Teak Furniture is kiln-dried to a moisture level of 12% to prevent cracking, warping and mildewing. We use mortise and tenon joints, dowels, and dove tail for all connections and solid brass or stainless steel fittings to prevent rotting or rusting. Our wood and joinery is machine cut to ensure precision and durability.


Our teak furniture has a fine sanded finish and is soft to the touch.



Teak wood changes color overtime. The golden brown color of brand new teak fades and turns to a soft gray as it is exposed to the elements over time. The eventual result is distinguished silver patina that is the mark of fine true teak furniture. Letting it weather is the easiest way to maintain your teak furniture. It can be hosed off with you garden hose at any time to keep it clean. No need to be concerned about water Teak loves it. You can clean your weathered teak furniture with just soap and water at any time.

Covering your teak furniture

Although teak furniture does not need any protection from the rain or sun a cover might be needed to prevent dirt. We only recommend getting a special cover that has breathable fabric. Using a non ventilated regular cover may result in mildew on your furniture and will void the manufacturer's warranty.



First of all we do not recommend using teak oil on your furniture if you are planning to use it outdoors! Oiling your teak furniture will ultimately results in mildew and creates black spots on your furniture. It will also leave water spots on your furniture when the teak oil fades and it will require frequent reapplication as often as every 6 months to maintain it. Most importantly using teak oil will eventually replace the natural oil in teak wood which shorten the life of the furniture. Teak furniture contains natural oils that will last for decades, you don't need to replenish it.


We recommend using a mild water based protector to maintain the natural color on your furniture. Water based protectors won't hurt the wood and it is very easy to apply. It dries within 30 minutes and last for 1 and up to 2 years depending on sun exposure. We recommend using our Golden Care water-based cleaner and protector. It works!

Water based cleaner is not only a high concentration cleaner, but it also contains brightener-ingredients, which bring back the original color of new teak/hardwood.

Water based protector maintains the natural color of teak for 1 and up to 2 years. It's mild and easy to apply. It does not contain hazardous solvents (Eco-Safe). It provides 100% protection from the sun and keeps your furniture in it's natural original color all year long. We recommend applying the teak protector once or twice a year.

If you have any questions regarding maintaining our furniture, please e-mail us at or call us at 650-366-0411

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